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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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two thirty pm in moscow these are iraqi headlines france becomes the first major power to recognize libya's rebels as the people's legitimate representatives fueling believes that the country's close to foreign military intervention led locals in libya feel their country's on the brink of civil war but hope other nations will follow russia's lead with an arms band to help stabilize the situation . the discussions on dealing with libya hard to avoid as the u.s. vice president meets russian leaders and moscow boosting trade ties is also on joe biden's list as he joins blabbing to day two of his business. and it's an about
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turn for a u.s. lawmaker behind irrational hearings into the radicalization of american muslims congressman peter king at one time sought their abodes now he considers as many as the enemy. more thoughts on libya now is already years from britain's former ambassador to the country oliver miles says the global reaction such as the un's travel ban on khadafi is questionable. today i'm talking to all of the miles he's a former british ambassador samir bia we're going to be talking about the situation in the country at the moment the west response to it and how it might sound fold out of the well thank you very much for talking to r.t. now isn't the west's response to the situation in libya dangerously close to what we saw before the invasion of iraq i'm thinking of this place no fly zone these claims that we've heard that gadhafi has chemical weapons and also this talk around
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the world of military intervention. well there is a parallel but i think there are some important differences and look on the one i think i'd focus on is that the although there's been some. rather bellicose talk from both london and washington and perish. the what they've actually done is total security council straightaway and they got full agreement in the security council you know less support for a resolution which didn't refer of the war to military action or anything of that point so it's not. a close parallel i don't think so many persons at least partially responsible for what's going on in libya and what we saw in egypt previously after all london did support these regimes for as long as it seemed it well i think that's a bit much actually i mean the british press take that view the british press of which going on about you know the meeting in the desert between tony blair and gadhafi and it's really that meeting that doesn't lead to the deal and it was
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a very useful deal for us but after all sarkozy and berlusconi and condi rice and mr putin and everybody else have all done deal with libya so there's nothing especially british about it it's the world has been doing business with libya and in my opinion quite right too because after all libya has all which we need the world market needs that libya needs from the world practically everything else from from airplanes to to agreement with us i mean when i say we it's not the west or britain or europe which everybody everybody china taiwan. russia indonesia brazil you name it they're all over everybody's and quite right too but we've recently seen a diplomatic mission to benghazi that ends in the capture of an s.s. team is the u.k. actively trying to engage with the rebels well i hope so i mean the last we can watch about that it was so-called i think it's rather embarrassing i don't think we're pretty close it's best to be frank i have said that from the british media as well but yes we should be talking to the rebels i think it's it's
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a difficult thing to do it's not unique to be plenty of situations indeed in a way paolo the situation in afghanistan which we should be talking to people who are fighting against libya we are not fighting against anybody but we should be talking to the different parties we are talking to good office people william hague said the other day that he personally was on the telephone commercial crew so the libyan foreign minister was one of get out of its close supporters. and i think we've also got to reach out to the others it's different people who firstly because tripoli won't want us to do it of course a little bit will put a spoke in the would have a town and secondly because the situation is still very disorganized there isn't a military command structure of the recent political structure of the beginnings of a political structure but no nothing purports to be a state yet we now know that that s.a.'s mission was approved by foreign secretary william hague was the sending of that team of soldiers in legal or just an act
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illegal i'm sure it was illegal under libyan law or yes i mean i'm the most people's lawyer it's illegal to land a helicopter in the middle of somebody else's country full of armed men yes i think it would it certainly was illegal but on the other hand there's a lot going on any of the moment that you might describe is illegal that's the nature of a of civil conflict isn't it and we talked about the question of france going to the u.n. security council how likely is it do you think that nato will approve some kind of military intervention in libya and if they don't think. the u.k. and the u.s. will go in early right as things are at the moment i think it's most unlikely. particularly because turkey which is an important member of nato is dead against intervention. i think for the others as well probably but turkey has already shown its hand so to speak i think that. as a matter of fact i don't believe anyone at the moment is really pushing for military intervention. there's been a lot of talk of
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a no fly zone and people are gradually coming to realize that a no fly zone which sounds rather innocent form of intervention actually involves a lot of military intervention because the first thing you have to do if you have a no fly zone is make sure that you eliminate should be effective and she aircraft defenses of libya well. i guess libya is absolutely for vent here across themselves but must be hundreds of thousands of or maybe accumulating them for the last forty years or how many of them actually would go off if they pulled the trigger is going to matter i don't suppose they know that themselves but they're all over the place so eliminating them would be a big job so in fact a no fly zone does constitute some form of military intervention oh absolutely yes no no not at all and i think it's just proportionate for the moment because why do you have a no fly zone because gadhafi has enough force and the fear is that he might use it effectively and that the rebels would have no option to it and there would be a humanitarian disaster well that's all possible but it hasn't happened yet what's
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happened so far is that the air force has made a rather pathetic showing two of the aircraft probably defected to malta a roll of the bomb there inside. we've heard reports of bombing all of them seem to have missed whatever they were meant to hit literally you think well who knows who knows. stories of attacks right from the beginning of the conflict in libya the stories of attacks on civilian populations but i don't know of a single authenticated case i think we've all probably had experience. i don't myself the media correspondents are telephoto you want a confined in libya and the story you get from everybody is we're right here where i am the same shooting and it sounds nasty but i'm not going outside to look and yes i have heard stories of bombs but none of them in my area that seems to be the general picture so i don't believe it really i think is disproportionate for that when i want to talk about them fly zone and that's why both the british and americans have been talking about being ready and there's nothing wrong with
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telling your military to be ready for a contingency that's a different matter i'm also the chances do you think that if nato and other countries don't say ok the u.s. and u.k. go ahead is there any way i think most of like most of the likely it will be a big job and we are already pretty heavily involved both and we we've got a lot on our plate with afghanistan the americans are probably not on their plate with iraq and afghanistan i think it's most likely you can never completely rule these things up but i don't see it and let's talk a bit about that because relationship directly with the u.k. we have this a lot of libya's oil wealth is invested through loans in those assets are now being friends and could they be used as a bargaining chip with the backing i suspect from what i've heard so far that it's a blunt instrument and i'm one of the things i'm unhappy about is that although as i said at the beginning i'm glad that we were at the security council and i think it was the right thing to do and we got this you know this decision from the security council i think when you start to look at small printable decisions it's
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actually not very helpful for example. one of our ministers liam fox said last week and i think he was quite right that the best solution to this problem would be for gadhafi to leave well if if one takes that you why does the u.n. pass a law which says that no country can accept. that wherever he goes he's going to be subject to prosecution surely we should have said that what if if you look very carefully at the u.n. resolution you find that in the small print was a cause which says that this ban on travel can actually be lifted by the security council in. patient so you know if gadhafi was to write an application and probably couldn't sell it into the new york after a lot of time the lawyers might come up with a solution but that's not what's going to happen if he decides to go he'll go what we should have done is offer him a free ticket to the bob way one way so you're saying that even though everybody seems to want him to leave gadhafi is now actually tracked and well of course the africans for example and i don't know whether it's the african pretty obvious place
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to think of will necessarily follow the u.n. rules if if he arrives with a bag of gold and says i want to stay in your country will probably be allowed to do so another thing that has been in the press a lot recently is concerning to the death and sons who are educated in britain's universities or it's in turn received generous donations from them do you think that that will prompt the u.k. to now look more closely at who was allowed to come and study in this country and how they're being funded i sincerely hope not. i'm really worried about the media reaction to this particular case and what is worrying to me is that. although i can't be sure in fact i have no real basis for what i'm going to say but i'll say it anyway knowing what i do have safe with islam and lifestyle. for his life has been his of his curriculum vitae so far i simply don't understand how you can possibly have spread two or three or four years full time acquiring a genuine doctorate of them honestly and we can all talk with one of our prestige
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universities to get a doctor of ability is no joke i'm not saying he's not clever enough he may well be clever enough but how did he do it in the time i just don't believe it so i think it's fishing so that's i think a good reason for the director of the london school of economics to resign which is done and i applaud him for it i think it's the honorable thing to do what clearly. most unlikely that he had any direct hand in the business but it's his responsibility however he then went on to say that he apologised for a wrong judgment in the. he's been to libya and talked about cooperation between the london school of economics a libyan i don't agree with that at all i think he was quite right to do that and he shouldn't apologize for it i'm worried that other british universities and of the universe has run the world would have had links with libya may now feel that they have to back off they shouldn't because a lot of that is they would back off not just from libya from everywhere else i would back off there i said from russia they would back off from algeria they would
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back off from saudi arabia they would back off from china they would where would it stop where would it stop now i think it's in everybody's interest but britain for example would britain for a moment should be teaching students from all over the world it's in everybody's advantage our advantage their advantage i hope it doesn't but do you think that colonel gadhafi has the support of the majority of his people and the loyalty of the army as he says he does i think there's a there's a strong current of freedom and liberation opening up flowing from egypt continues here which libyans of course feel very close to and i think there's a strong feeling that we've had enough and that gadhafi has got to go but how wide that goes and why he's able to keep so many people demonstrating for him in the streets of tripoli or i'm afraid i can't really answer to some extent it's not my money pays people that have a different form but it's also on my loyalty and it's very difficult to distinguish
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until gadhafi continues to cling on to power what do you think what's happened to the u.k.'s relationship with libya if indeed one is to stay as leader i think it will be very difficult very difficult for both for the u.k. and for the rest of the world of course he'll be in a weak position but if he's in a weak position he'll probably lash out in some unpleasant dangerous way i mean it's like. you know if you're hunting or it's better to shoot it dead or not shoot at all those if you have to to then you got a problem in your home someone for. that's the that's the situation we will end up with unless unless we go so it's very difficult to see what. are we going to do about these sanctions when are they going to be lifted or is going to be frozen forever in which case presumably that means the world does without libyan oil why why should we why should the world without libyan oil we need the oil they need the money they i say the libyan people need the money of course i can see why gadhafi has got to be stopped but. in the long term freezing libya out is
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cruel. one. of them asked thank you very much thank you. he.
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says. friends becomes the first major power to recognize libya's rebels as the people's legitimate representatives fueling the least of the country's close to foreign military intervention. the locals in libya fear their country's on the brink of civil war about hope other nations will follow russia's lead with an arms day help stabilize the situation. just cautions on dealing with libya are hard to avoid as the u.s. vice president needs russian leaders in moscow boosting trade ties also on joe biden's list as he joins but in your pool monday to business. and insight about face for the u.s. lawmaker behind the congressional hearings into the radicalization of american muslims congressman peter king at one time sought their votes now he considers many
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is the enemy. and your farmers up next with all the latest sports news stay with us here on r.t. . hello there thanks for watching the sporting this is what is coming up over the next evening. happy harry's spurs reached the quarter finals of the champions league along with german side shelter. while russian clubs discuss anything and star faced tough tests in year a pulley. shops in the k.h. all the things the regular season count is out on guard and cup holders at bars and the latest round the clock. will start with the football there were tottenham and shout out the latest teams through to the champions league quarter final spurs holding on for nearly all draw against city alley is ac milan at white hart lane
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enough progress one nil on aggregate to the delight of manager harry redknapp a view to see two years ago you'll be lost weight in the generally good crazy i mean it's been it's been a fantastic achievement from the players. this far in a competition so far and we've enjoyed every minute of it and we deserved to be here we won a group would be ac milan over two games even to concede a goal jhoom. to clean sheets i mean it's a fantastic achievement shall he meanwhile came from behind to beat the lens here three one to progress for two and aggregate ricard a cost that had put the spanish side ahead by two goals from far founding this side of a. strike make sure the germans reach the last day. but in secured. philp and so we had nothing to lose and try to put some pressure on them and it was certainly very important for us to jefferson scored very cool as a before half time and things turned dramatically the second half we scored to make it two one and it became clear that
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a man had to take again and once again when did to many who made some very good saves in the end it was a deserved week for us and it honestly. now is the turn of the europa league tonight and ts go will take on porto in the first leg of their last sixteen clash however the argument have an awful record against their portuguese opponents with a build up his record and poor thing. but surely says carr beginning to get back to fitness some of their long winter break however they face arguably biggest test yet of a new season a spade take on f.c. porto and head coach of any troops he knows his side has a massive task ahead of them. like a portal or to have a really good attack and we can't just concentrate all our efforts on marking fark out because they have other players who are just as dangerous for our task will be to limit their attacking opportunities and make sure we are tight in defense. of the board so it's kind of the first match of a new season over the weekend
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a convenience in petersburg of the armenians head coach will probably have to do with arms on toss it as a serbian winger is suffering from damage and ligaments russian quad will have to make sure they're on top form in defense porto possess the competition's top scoring power cow has netted seven goals in this season's europa league. much. i've seen both the matches the porto lost this season against benfica and the second leg against severe they were difficult side to play against and they don't have a lot of weaknesses and we have to make sure we played a high tempo this is the only way i can see us getting a result. meanwhile porter come into the clash point by the fire of the ten points clear of the top of their domestic championship also in under a b. as course they have one of the youngest head coaches in europe the boss is already being touted as the new horse the money is just thirty three years old or so it is favorites to make it through to the quarter finals supporters' manager is wary of a serious car side who haven't lost
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a home game in his competition in over five years. i don't think with favorites to go through to the next round see a scar a very good side event and they have lost recently in the russian super cup there's a neat but they don't think that will have a bearing on thursday's game also the fact that serious car just returning from their winter break won't be an issue in the country but they will be fresh it promises. to be intriguing of trouble in this is europa league going head to heads for both players and the fans the temperature on the evening is going to be around freezing point and not minus twenty which was the case when rubin played trying to be around a month ago seriously are going to face a tough side to one of the top teams remaining in this year's europa league but the portuguese team have never lost a match to be on him and had never conceded a goal in the process and that's something that. will have to put right or broken have any hope of qualifying for the next round richard dougherty moscow now there
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are also two other russian clubs aimed to put one foot in the last state of the europa league with sparta travelling to the netherlands for their matches. head to amsterdam to face i.x. moscow side and the thinking here and would love to continue that good runs but that manager larry carbon will probably go fixing forwards a way forward in this away game can strike a balance and should be feared after missing three straight games with a leg injury while sending russian champions in each have a clash c twenty the dutch club beat another russian side rubin in the previous round but this in petersburg side have injuries with forward under who could of. that in a. cochin-china only having fifteen senior players to choose from. and those three games are among eight ties taking place on thursday else where five time european champions league was pulled out of portuguese side braga one match this is the troubles in ukraine capital to take on the nomic yet noms russian
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manager your human says his plays will have to be on top of their game. will try to shuffle our squad we must produce strong points but i think we should also try to use our best tool against manchester city every one of us to try to please. the english teams we're in action in the premier league last night booming in moving out of the drop zone with a one one draw away habits. in burma in tripoli through pushing midway through the first half people having a go at the equaliser just before half time and now out of the bottom three but only on goal difference well i've written about tonight. let's go to the ice hockey now in a shop in the playoffs regular season champion seven guards suffering a surprise scorching defeat by metal goals in their last eight clash guard other top seeds and hosted the opening game of a quarter final series they put themselves in the lead just four minutes in courtesy of antiquarian off method led by three goals to one midway through the
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second half the nice planting of netting to move. the nice korea deeper one back i haven't got still in the second thank you completed three full time school the late net. elsewhere sounded like a lie the defending champions that does three two in overtime bloody me and said ball hitting the all important go for the visitors. so today's action was a lachrymose it anscar both of those are looking to extend their lead in their respective ties against an armory and. other news now india have become the first thing to qualify for the knockout stages of cricket's world cup the five trio with the netherlands putting them top of their group india were chasing one hundred ninety five victory in sachin turnbull could put them on their way becoming the first man to reach two thousand world cup runs without actually good boundaries in the fifth over he was out for twenty seven after being caught by kruger but have
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put india on sixty nine with that last fellow but in this iraq among the batting class politics given are seeing state india to victory with not the fifty one india unbeaten importing from the netherlands have lost every match so far. action from the n.b.a. now were struggling sacramento came close to forcing overtime but lost yet again this time to orlando it was a neck and neck affair in california the marcus cousins top scoring with a career high twenty nine points and seven rebounds for sacramento but they do so-called blue nailed a triple to give orlando a five point lead with forty seconds left to lose their head then had a chance to send the game into an extra frame but he missed his three pointer and it finished one hundred six hundred two to the magic sacramento forward into their forty seventh loss of their less than perfect season. finally yesterday you might remember we reported on that evel snowball is in skis in the russian resort of
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sochi competing in the latest stop of the free ride we're told it's so good we'll have pictures we put together a montage of all the best that you can see. free
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ride is that stuff in sochi not so the sports and i'm more into last.
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can't. thank you.


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